ForkLift 3
The most advanced dual pane file manager for macOS
ForkLift 3 is a dual pane file manager and a file transfer client for macOS.
It’s a great tool if you are working with a lot of files or if you want to manage files easily, quickly, and effectively both locally and remotely.

Watch it in action:

ForkLift is for you
  • if you have to connect to remote servers or cloud providers
  • if you don’t find Finder convenient or if you want to use more features that aren’t included in Finder
  • if you are a professional such as a web designer, a web developer, a software developer, a system administrator, or a photographer, who works with a lot of files every day: uploading, downloading, renaming, and tweaking them.

In ForkLift, you will find everything that is associated with file management in one super effective app with a clean interface.
Thanks to the dual pane outlay of ForkLift, you can use its main features quickly and easily.

Remote Locations
With ForkLift, you can connect to FTP, SFTP, Amazon S3 and S3 compatible services, Google Drive, WebDAV, and many other remote locations.

ForkLift Mini
With ForkLift Mini, you can mount remote locations and use them as if they were a part of your computer’s file system.

Advanced Sync
With ForkLift, you can sync your files between different locations.

Rich set of tools
ForkLift has a built-in multi-rename tool, and an app deleter tool and many other features that let you get great power over your files.

  • Remote connections with support for 13 protocols (FTP, FTP TLS, SFTP, WebDAV, WebDAV HTTPS, Amazon S3 and S3 compatible providers, BackBlaze B2, Google Drive, Rackspace CloudFiles, SMB, AFP, NFS, VNC)
  • ForkLift Mini to mount remote connections as disks and use them as disklets, synclets, or droplets
  • Sync tool
  • Multi-rename tool
  • App deleter tool
  • Dark mode
  • Dual pane with tabs
  • Sync browsing
  • Quick select
  • Quick open
  • Archive management
  • Work spaces
  • Git support
  • Share
  • Transfers
  • Favorite sync
  • Tags
  • Keyboard control
  • FXP copy
  • Open in Terminal
  • Default file viewer
  • Dropbox Support
  • Search
  • Remote editing
  • Multi lingual (Chinese, Czech, English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Ukranian)
  • Tools
  • Hidden files
  • File compare


I’ve been using FTP on Macs for over 20 years and have owned and tried many FTP clients. Forklift is the best, bar none in my opinion. It can almost double as the Finder. My favorite feature is using Favorites to open to different folders on different volumes and then Syncing them with one click. **LOVE Forklift**

I purchased version 3.0 when trying to find an alternative to another app that is starting to act weird on my Catalina and I’m really impressed with the new Fork Lift improvements. I’m a forklift 2 user but I’m just using it only when I need to rename multiple files lol But now I can see that I will use it often. It replaced about 4+ more apps I usually use, such as for ftp, app uninstaller, folder sync, cloud mounter, quick diff etc. It also will likely will improve some of my workflows.

I originally bought ForkLift as an SFTP client to replace my old Transmit 4 after comparing Transmit 5 and ForkLift 3. Now, I use it all the time as a file browser because it’s just so practical and convenient. I also appreciate the support. Good job!

The best file manager and cloud service management in the market, this software simply works and replaces your finder with great features. Dual panel, connecting sftp and ftp protocol, awesome dark mode and the most advanced features are the quick look for apps , patch renamer and quick preview and edit and many more. Also their website will help you replace your finder with forklift view. It’s an awesome app for mac that anyone must have.

On my search path for a good FTP client, I tried about any available, both free and paid. ForkLift came out of being the most versatile, fastest, customisable, nice looking app available for macOS. I can very highly recommend this.