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Unclutter - Files, Notes and Clipboard Manager

Unclutter Clipboard

Everything you need from a Clipboard Manager
in a handy three-in-one window

Notes Files
This is the best clipboard history manager for Mac
Copy paste on Mac
Unclutter - clipboard history and viewer
Unclutter Clipboard extends your Mac’s clipboard with the history of recently copied clips.
It’s like a Time Machine for "copy paste".

Nice set of features

Clipboard history manager and clipboard viewer in one beautiful panel.
Add to Favorites
Click the star to save an item in
Clipboard Favorites.
View single clip or list
Click this button or make a pinch-zoom gesture
or hold Ctrl + Shift keys (with mouse inside panel).
Clipboard Favorites
Star clips that you
use often.

Easy to use

We believe that a great clipboard manager is the one that is
A  instantly available when you need it, and   B  keeps things simple.

That is Unclutter Clipboard.
Clipboard History for Mac
Clipboard History keeps track of everything you copy into
your Mac's clipboard. You can browse the list of recent clips
and recall any of them.

The history of clips is retained even if you relaunch Unclutter
or reboot the system.
Clipboard Favorites on Mac
Clipboard Favorites is a separate list where you can save chosen clips permanently for future use.

Unlike clipboard history, the starred clips will not be discarded
as they grow old.
Clipboard Viewer for Mac
When you select a clip from the list, Unclutter immediately copies it to the system clipboard and displays its full content in
Clipboard Content view.

You can even edit the current content of clipboard
(for text clips).

Get Unclutter right now!

Requires OS X 10.10 or later
Also available in Mac App Store