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Unclutter - Files, Notes and Clipboard Manager for Mac

Unclutter Files

An instantly available, go-to place to drop your files to,
without cluttering your Desktop

More comfort. Less effort. No clutter.
Unclutter - Files, Notes and Clipboard Manager for Mac
Productivity. Convenience. Comfort.
Forget about creating temporary folders and misplacing your transient files.
Unclutter Files is an amazing space for storing your temporary & often used items
or simply a drop-zone for dragging files between applications.

It’s as easy as it seems

Unclutter Files for Mac - Drag and drop file manager and the dropzone
Drop Inside
Dragged items will be placed
inside the folder.
Search files
Find files and folders by name.
Auto-arrange options
Newest items appear at the top,
but you can also rearrange them
your way.
View files as list or icons.
Free Demo
Download a free Unclutter Demo to give it a test-drive.
Requires macOS 10.13 or later.

Dragging files inside

This is how you can quickly move your files into the Unclutter drop area.
Drag files to the top
of the screen.
Unclutter - Drag files to the top of the screen
Unclutter window
slides down.
Unclutter - Drag files to the top of the screen
Drop here.
Unclutter - Drag files to the top of the screen
If you get into the macOS Mission Control interface while dragging your files to the top of the screen,
keep dragging and hit the ESC key to get back to the Unclutter window. Then drop as usual.

Efficient & Convenient

Drag files from your Desktop, Finder, or any other app.
Even remote files from the web  —  they will be  ↓ downloaded into Unclutter.
Unclutter Files - Drop zone
Like in Finder, the default operation when you drop files is MOVE. But you can change that by holding modifier keys.
Make a copy by holding
OPTION key while you drag.
Hold CMD+OPTION keys to create
aliases to your files, rather than moving
them physically.
Unclutter Files - Quick Shortcuts
Quick Shortcuts
Put your most used files in
Unclutter Files and have instant
access to them anytime.
Aliases can do a great job here,
providing quick access to your files,
while maintaining your original
folder structure.
Unclutter Notes - Always at Hand
Always at Hand
Unclutter is instantly accessible
on every screen and Desktop.
Even in full screen mode.
Unclutter Notes - Auto-Synced
You can set up Unclutter to
automatically sync your data
across all your devices.
Works with iCloud Drive, Google Drive,
Dropbox and any other cloud drive.
Unclutter for Mac


Files, Notes & Clipboard Manager for Mac
Free Demo
Requires macOS 10.13 or later
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Also available in Mac App Store