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Unclutter - Files, Notes and Clipboard Manager

Quick Reference

Unclutter combines 3 different panels in one handy interface.
Click on the panel to learn more about it.

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Tips & Tricks

The panels are resizable
The panels are resizable
You can adjust the widths of panels by dragging the splitter
between them. To change the window height, drag the red label
at the bottom.
The panels are draggable
The panels are draggable
You can rearrange the panels by dragging them.
If you take a panel outside the window, it will stick on top
of other windows until you close it.
Different ways to open the window
Different ways to open the window
By default, you open Unclutter's window by simply moving your mouse to the very top of screen and scrolling down. We believe it's the best way to do it, but you can alter that if you like.
Launch at startup
Launch at startup
You can make Unclutter relaunch automatically when your system reboots.
Enabling and disabling panels
Enabling and disabling panels
You can selectively hide panels to make more room for the other
ones you use often.
Dropbox sync across all your Macs
Have your content auto-synced across all your Macs
You can set up Unclutter to store your files and notes in a shared folder like Dropbox. In this way your content will automatically get synced across all your Macs where Unclutter is set up in the same manner.

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