A new handy place on your desktop
for storing notes, files and pasteboard clips.

Organize Mac Desktop
Unclutter pocket window
Organize the layout
With Unclutter, you feel more comfort and make less effort
when using your Mac.
Download on the Mac AppStore
Requires OS X 10.10 or later

How it works

Move your mouse
to the very top of screen.
1. Move your mouse to the very top of screen.
Scroll down
with mouse or trackpad.
2. Scroll down with mouse or trackpad.
3. Voilà!
This is the first step to boost productivity
Unclutter's window slides down, ready for your input.
When done, it closes automatically.

How to drag files into the drop-zone

Drag your files to the
very top of screen.
1. Drag your files to the very top of screen.
Unclutter's window
slides down.
2. Unclutter's window slides down.
Drop there.
3. Drop there.
  • Best utility app!
    Use this everyday! Useful for programing,
    writing essays and pretty much everything.
    A customer's review
  • Extremely Useful
    This app is genius and I use it all the time. Unclutter is stable, responsive, and well supported.
    I find it to be an asset in all of my work involving writing or data processing.
    A customer's review
  • Truly adds to Productivity
    Of all the apps that I use on a day to day level,
    this application truly adds to my productivity!
    A customer's review
  • Maybe my most used app
    It just works. I don't think about it,
    Unclutter is just there when I need it.
    A customer's review
  • Excellent Tool
    This is one of the best tools I have paid for.
    It makes creating quick notes and storing important files easy and fast. Well worth the money.
    A customer's review
  • Holy crap this is awesome
    The drop down for the files alone was worth it but the expanded clipboard and notepad
    are a great bonus. Best $5 I’ve spent in a while.
    A customer's review
  • One of the most useful apps on the App Store
    This app is absolutely amazing!...
    Simply put, Unclutter is probably the best $5 that I’ve spent on the App Store!
    A customer's review
  • Great!
    An incredibly clever and indispensable app.
    It is hard to explain just how much help it is.
    A customer's review
  • Great app for programmers!
    Using it almost everyday... it just feels right having it hidden behind your menu bar,
    like your own little secret place that no one knows about. I love this app.
    A customer's review
  • Indispensable! This app deserves serious attention!
    Unclutter is crazy useful. It’s simple, it’s reliable,
    it’s always there no matter what application you’re working in.
    A customer's review
What people say about Unclutter

Three in one

Get three great tools at the price of one.


Clipboard history manager for Mac
Track what you copy and paste,
browse clipboard history.


Files - Drag and drop file manager and the dropzone
Store and access your files,
use as a drop zone.


Notes - Best for quick note taking. Like sticky notes for Mac
Write down something quickly.
Download on the Mac AppStore
Requires OS X 10.10 or later