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Get Unclutter  —  Help πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦ Ukraine

All the revenue from this campaign will go to the official donations account
of National Bank of Ukraine and other charitable foundations.

Please make a donation of your choice
and get our Unclutter Mac app for free.

Join us in this fundraising campaign. Stand with Ukraine.
Whether you’re a Mac user or not, your donation will support Ukrainian people and help them survive this nightmare.
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Requires macOS 10.13 or later. Works on macOS Ventura.
Fully compatible with Intel & Apple Silicon Macs.

Your donation will save lives

As Russia continues its ruthless invasion of Ukraine, the humanitarian catastrophe grows larger.

The war has already driven more than two million Ukrainians to flee their country, while the remaining 42 million residents face dire circumstances as the Russian military ramps up attacks on civilian targets.

At the time when so many Ukrainian people are in desperate need of help, we call on you to combine our efforts in this charity initiative.

The funds raised with this campaign will be transferred to volunteers who we personally know and trust to help civilian people in the most affected cities of Ukraine. This includes assistance with evacuation, provision of food, water, warm clothing, and shelter. There are lots of good people ready to help, but they lack the resources.

In addition, we will transfer funds to official charitable foundations that supply our military and territorial defense volunteers with protection equipment.

Please help us save as many lives as we can.
Eugene Krupnov
Eugene Krupnov, the developer of Unclutter
Kyiv, Ukraine
My friend,

Ukraine is on fire. We are at war.
The war we never wanted!

Our team is based in Kyiv. That’s where my home is.
That’s where the idea of Unclutter was born.
That’s where my daughter was born.

Now our cities are under bombardment. And just because some crazy jerk decided to commit a genocide against our people, we now fight for our freedom. To keep our country on the map. To survive as a nation. To protect our European values. To protect Europe from Putin’s expanding aggression.

We are strong. Ukrainians are united as never before.
And the victory will be ours.

But these are dark times. And your help is needed now more than ever.

I’ve launched this fundraising campaign to provide you with a simple and comprehensible way to donate.

Have no doubt – every cent will be spent to support our people in this fight and save lives.

Please know that we are extremely grateful for everything you do for Ukraine. We will never forget it. You are amazing people!

Thank you,
If you want to donate more or have questions, please contact me at donate@unclutterapp.com
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