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Unclutter - Files, Notes and Clipboard Manager for Mac

Unclutter Clipboard

Expands your Mac’s clipboard with the history
of recently copied clips.

More comfort. Less effort. No clutter.
Unclutter - Files, Notes and Clipboard Manager for Mac
Productivity. Convenience. Comfort.
Unclutter Clipboard is like a Time Machine for "copy & paste".
It lets you track what you copy, browse the list of recent clips, and recall any of them.
Simple to use. Nice to have.
Unclutter Clipboard for Mac - Clipboard history manager and clipboard viewer in one beautiful panel
Add to Favorites
Click the star to save an item in
Clipboard Favorites
Record / Stop
Quickly enable or disable
clipboard tracking.
Clipboard Favorites
Star clips that you
use often.
Free Demo
Download a free Unclutter Demo to give it a test-drive.
Requires macOS 10.13 or later.

How it works

3 simple steps to recall any clip from your Clipboard History or Favorites.
Click on the clip
you want to recall.
Switch to the place
you want to paste into.
Unclutter Clipboard - recall the clip
Unclutter Clipboard - Copy and paste
This example shows how to recall a clip
from Unclutter Clipboard History and paste
into the macOS Mail application.

Copy & Paste like a PRO

Unclutter Clipboard offers 3 modes for you to manage the copied data efficiently.
Unclutter Clipboard - History
Keeps track of everything you copy into your Mac’s clipboard. And stacks it here with new clips on top.

This list shows a brief preview, along with the application the data was copied from.

You can set up the Clipboard History to hold 10, 25 or 50 recent clips. And your data will be retained even if you relaunch Unclutter or reboot the system.

Click on any clip to recall it.
Unclutter Clipboard - Content
Usually shows what’s on your clipboard, i.e. what you’re about to paste.

When you select a clip from Clipboard History, Unclutter copies its data into the system clipboard and displays the clip’s full content.

There is also a quick in-place editor for text clips. Just click on the text, make the necessary changes and click somewhere else, so the editor loses focus. Your clipboard content will be updated to reflect the changes.
Unclutter Clipboard - Favorites
Is a separate list where you can save chosen clips permanently for future use.

For example, it can be some clips that you use most often.

Click on the star icon in History list to favorite a clip. To remove a clip from Favorites, click on its big star icon.

Unlike Clipboard History, the starred clips will not be discarded as they grow old.

Your sensitive data is safe

Unclutter Clipboard - Sensitive Data
If the data you copy is identified as sensitive, Unclutter will conceal it for security reasons. This clip is also never saved to your disk and will disappear after Unclutter relaunch.

Unclutter has a built-in support for 1Password. It should also work fine with all modern password managers. Plus, there is a Sensitive Data list in Unclutter Preferences for you to add apps manually. All the data copied from these apps will be considered sensitive.
This example demonstrates
the concealed look of the data
copied from 1Password.
Unclutter for Mac


Files, Notes & Clipboard Manager for Mac
Free Demo
Requires macOS 10.13 or later
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