8 Reasons Why You Need a Clipboard Manager on Your Mac

8 Reasons Why You Need a Clipboard Manager on Your Mac

A clipboard manager is a tool where you can manage what you copy. It keeps the copied items in the computer memory so you could review and retrieve any of those anytime. Such a tool extends your copy, cut and paste functionality offering a lot of useful features like paste modes, separate lists, content formatting, auto-sync, etc.

10 Tips To Stay Efficient While Working From Home (+Bonus)

10 Tips To Stay Efficient While Working From Home


Let’s face it: if you’re not a super productive self-disciplined human-machine, it’s not quite easy to work remotely efficiently. But you can train yourself to easily get down to work and be efficient in the process – be it at home or elsewhere.

Instead of (or at least, in addition to) binge-watching your favorite TV shows or surfing social networks when you’ve got work to do, try these 10 working remotely tips.

How to Keep Your Mac Workflow Smooth & Productive (Tips + Apps)

How to Keep Your Mac Workflow Smooth & Productive (Tips + Apps)

One of the reasons why you own a Mac is probably the pleasant and smooth user experience it provides. That is something we love Apple products for. And it’s also what the quality of our workflow depends on.

Smooth and productive Mac workflow – how exactly is that? It’s when you can stay focused on your main task while easily switching to the other ones, do your job on Mac with minimal distractions, less effort and time spent.

In this article, we want to share with you some tips and apps that will help you maintain a more convenient, efficient and seamless Mac workflow.

5 Best DRAG & DROP Mac Apps (Convenient File Management)

5 Best DRAG & DROP Mac Apps (Convenient File Management)

We drag and drop things on our computers, tablets and smartphones. With a mouse, touchpad or just our fingers. On a daily basis.

In this article, we want to overview the best Mac file managers (transfer apps) which are based exactly on this super handy action designed to simplify our lives. Starting with simple drop zones and finishing with all-around drag-and-drop desktop managers.

Keep the Mac Desktop clean with Unclutter

Best Tips to Make Your Mac Desktop Tidy & Organized

Just take a look at this desktop on the left. Messy, cluttered. Random items arrangement (no perfectionist would bear). And that’s how desktops of Mac users happen to look like. If your desktop often resembles a similar picture, you may want to do something about it. And here are some great tips to make your Mac Desktop tidy and organized…

5 Best COPY & PASTE Mac Apps (Which are Nice + Powerful)

5 Best COPY & PASTE Mac Apps (Which are Nice + Powerful)

Copy and paste are among the most popular actions we perform on our computers. The problem is that the built-in macOS clipboard has a very basic functionality and allows you to store only one copied item. That’s far from enough for many people.

For this article, we’ve tried to find the most pleasant cost-effective solutions which would satisfy most Mac users. We’ll go in order from more simple and neat copy-paste apps to heavy-loaded clipboard managers.

15 Cool Things You May Have Missed in Unclutter

Unclutter for Mac - A list of features, tips & tricks for even more simple and productive workflow

You’ve already been using Unclutter for quite some time and think you know everything about its functionality?
Maybe you’ve tried the app once, didn’t get it and never came back to it?
Or you simply never used Unclutter before?

Doesn’t matter. Today we are going to show you some goodies you could have missed or never knew existed in Unclutter. Including a few popular issues addressed by our users, so you could easily solve them as well.

Best Note Taking App for Mac Accessible in One Single Gesture

As Simple as Sticky Notes. But Quick & Efficient.
We believe that your Mac notes tool must be near at hand. Like one gesture away. That’s why we designed Unclutter Notes – so that you could start writing a note almost instantly.

Just try it and you’ll see – note taking on Mac can be dead simple, convenient and incredibly fast.
No distraction, no time waisting. Get Unclutter and stay productive.